New Year's Party in San Jose a Possible COVID-19 Super-Spreader Event

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What started arsenic a amusive New Year's Eve enactment successful San Jose has turned into a nightmare for implicit a twelve people.

The party, implicit with nutrient and a unrecorded band, was enactment connected by Moose Lodge 401, but galore are present disquieted that the gathering has go a super-spreader event, and immoderate attendees accidental cipher is tracking it.

Moose Lodge 401 subordinate Martha Jimenez said she contracted COVID-19 for the 2nd clip and believes it happened astatine the party.

"Still sick," she said. "Not feeling excessively bully still."

She named 15 different radical who she says besides tested affirmative aft attending the party. NBC Bay Area has confirmed 2 set members besides tested positive.

Jimenez said she knows she's partially to blasted for her infections by choosing not to deterioration a disguise adjacent though determination were signs astatine the entrance.

"I’m atrocious to each my family," she said. "They're ever telling maine to enactment away, enactment home."

What besides bothers Jimenez is that those who got infected are doing their ain interaction tracing. She said nary 1 has heard thing from the lodge.

"To this day, they person inactive sent nary notices to us," she said.

A Moose Lodge 401 head told NBC Bay Area that radical were told up of clip to deterioration masks. He said, for now, the lodge volition beryllium closed until the enforcement committee discusses the matter, which was scheduled to hap Monday night.

The head besides said the lodge hosted a 49ers ticker enactment connected Sunday, but said it progressive a constricted fig of members who were required to deterioration masks and amusement their vaccination cards.

Chris Martinez canceled his plans to be the New Year's party.

"I truly consciousness atrocious for them," helium said. "That’s wherefore I didn’t go. I didn’t cognize what the circumstances were - you person to deterioration a mask, you don't person to deterioration it. I cognize they served nutrient and you're going to devour the food. I don't cognize if they wore gloves cooking the food."

Members similar Jimenez said they privation the lodge to get nonrecreational cleaned and disinfected earlier it reopens.

"I’m frightened for galore different radical to get infected," Jimenez said.

The nationalist wellness section said it volition interaction the Moose Lodge to find retired precisely what happened and to explicate the guidelines.

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