San Francisco Man Stranded Overseas After Visa Renewal Process Delay

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A travel to Europe turned into a nightmare for a Bay Area couple, who are anxious to beryllium reunited earlier their babe arrives successful February.

During a sojourn to a U.S. Consulate successful Frankfurt, Germany, Rahul Dutta told NBC Bay Area that helium got connection that processing his visa exertion to re-enter and unrecorded successful the United States was delayed.

"Towards the end. I was virtually crying each day. It was hard due to the fact that I knew helium wouldn't beryllium backmost with maine connected the flight,” said his wife, Ankita Dutta. “And I didn't know, however I was going to negociate worldly erstwhile I travel backmost home."

Now, Ankita Dutta is backmost location successful San Francisco, portion Rahul Dutta is successful Germany, wherever he's inactive waiting.


During the pandemic, galore ineligible U.S. residents similar Rahul Dutta had to hold done the uncertainty of question bans and restrictions. Throughout the year, helium said that helium had been trying to renew his residency status.

Rahul Dutta said helium was happy, erstwhile the U.S. consulate successful Frankfurt had an appointment. But ever since, helium hasn't heard much.

"Checking in. As you know, my woman is pregnant. I'm a semipermanent resident, I’m blessed to supply immoderate accusation but, I get a modular effect saying, you're inactive nether administrative processing,” Rahul Dutta said.

Rahul Dutta said helium has besides reached retired to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's bureau for help.

NBC Bay Area’s Sergio Quintana reached retired to U.S. State Department for comment, successful which they released the pursuing statement:

"The COVID-19 pandemic resulted successful profound reductions successful the department's visa processing capacity, and galore of our embassies and consulates were lone capable to connection exigency services. Many of our embassies and consulates proceed to look COVID-19 related restrictions."

"You know, I’m hoping that there's idiosyncratic who has a heart, who looks astatine our concern and you know, This is present a lawsuit of household separation,” said Rahul Dutta.

The Duttas are hoping Rahul’s visa is processed earlier their lad is born, arsenic he's owed successful 28 days.

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