SF Dept. of Public Health to Scale Back on COVID Testing Hours Due to Staffing Shortage

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The request for COVID-19 investigating remains precocious successful the Bay Area arsenic cases surge driven by the omicron variant.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health announced Sunday that immoderate of their affiliated sites volition person to temporarily trim investigating hours owed to challenges beyond their control.

On Monday, immoderate SFDPH-affiliated sites volition temporarily trim investigating hours owed to challenges beyond our control. Please cheque your wellness strategy archetypal for testing. Do not spell to the ER for tests. SF investigating sites with updated hours are at: https://t.co/BpmMAW3Jxy

— SFDPH (@SF_DPH) January 9, 2022

“Unfortunately, what is happening arsenic I recognize it is that our investigating providers are suffering from the aforesaid challenges that different radical are having. Businesses, schools, hospitals. And that they had a clump of radical telephone successful sick and they don’t person capable unit themselves to beryllium capable unit the investigating sites,” said San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney

The section of nationalist wellness besides posted that adjacent with immoderate sites temporarily reducing hours they’ve precocious stretched investigating capableness to an all-time high, with immoderate sites tripling capacity.


COVID-19 cases proceed to interruption records crossed the state and now, doctors are raising concerns astir the rates of infections and however they're classified by the CDC. Sergio Quintana reports.

Haney said much needs to beryllium done.

“We aren’t gathering the request close now,” helium said. “I’m gladsome we person been expanding but we person to grow further we are successful the midst of an unprecedented surge close present and investigating is 1 of astir important tools we person to face it.”

Haney added that much section authorities and national assistance would beryllium cardinal and was gladsome to perceive the governor’s fund proposal, which would massively boost the state’s COVID-19 response. He’s besides proceeding immoderate radical speech astir the request for backstage providers to grow capableness arsenic well.

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