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You can write a business press release on your own, without hiring a public relations firm. However, if you want to get your press release noticed by the media, this is not enough. In fact, it's kind of like sending out an invitation and hoping that people will come over. Sure, they might do so if you're serving cake or wine—but what if there's no food or drink involved? You probably don't want people to come over just because they have nothing else to do with their time!


The headline is the most important part of any press release. It needs to be short, clear, and to the point. The headline should not be generic or copy-and-pasteable like "New Product Line." It should be unique in its own way so that it stands out from other business press releases you've seen before.

The ideal length for your headline is between 15-20 words. This will make it easier for people who don't know you very well but still want to read about what's going on with your brand or company (like potential customers). It also helps if there are other details such as:

  • What happened? Where did this happen? When did it happen? Who was involved? Why did this happen now instead of earlier than now (or never)?

  • How does this relate back to what we already know about ourselves/ourselves as a brand/company overall -..e., how do these two things together influence us today; how do they make us feel differently than before today; etc., etc.,


A subhead is a short, descriptive phrase that appears under the main body of your press release for business. It’s used to draw attention back up to the top of your text, which is where you want it to go.

When writing a subhead, use active verbs and present tense: “Initiates” instead of “Initiated” or "Can" instead of "Can't." Use these words in place of infinitives (to be/to become). Keep it short—you only have room for two or three sentences here!

Opening paragraph.

The opening paragraph should be a concise summary of the press release's purpose, newsworthy aspect, and benefit. It should also explain why readers should care about this announcement.

The first sentence or two of your press release should frame your story with an eye-catching hook that will persuade readers to read on. To do this effectively, you'll want to include keywords that relate directly or indirectly to what you're announcing in order for Google search engines (and other online channels) to find your content more easily when they're searching for information related specifically back home base here at home base where most people live nowadays again - which is why this article will focus only on how businesses can use social media channels like Facebook or Twitter effectively so their content gets noticed faster by potential customers who might otherwise overlook it due too much competition amongst similar businesses competing against each other instead!

Body copy.

Body copy is the most important part of your new business press release example. It's where you'll tell people what you've done and why, along with any other details that are relevant.

The best way to write body copy is by using the inverted pyramid style, which means starting with facts or quotes (the top level), then moving down through your call-to-action in italics, and ending with an action item (the bottom level). This makes it easy for readers to follow along and read from top-to-bottom without getting lost or confused about which information belongs where in each paragraph.

In addition to providing a good overview of all key points from your press release, including:

  • What happened? How did this happen?

  • Who said/did this? Where did they say/do it? When did they say/do it? Why now? What's next for us?


The boilerplate is the information about the company that is repeated in every press release. It includes the company's name, address, phone number, and website.

The boilerplate can be more than one paragraph long if necessary—it should be at the end of your press release so it can be read in short order by journalists who are interested in writing about you or your product or service.

You can write a press release on your own, without hiring a public relations firm

You can write a press release for new business on your own, without hiring a public relations firm.

You can use a service like PRWeb to help you distribute your press release.

You can also use services like Business Wire to distribute your press release


The writing process for a press release is simple and straightforward, but it does take some time. However, once you have gone through the steps above, your press release will be ready to send to media outlets across the country!


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